Tweed Bakerstreet and Ginger THC drink review

Time to down another one of those THC drinks we are seeing emerge on the market. I hope this one doesn’t taste like ass like some others on the market do lol. Today we will be downing a cold refreshing Tweed Bakerstreet & Ginger. The past THC drink from Tweed can be reviewed here if interested:

Initial predictions before trying

  • Probably tastes like ass
  • Won’t do jack all

It turns out one of those predictions was accurate. Read on to find out.


Here is the description provided from Tweed’s website



Let’s be honest, at only 2mg per drink what can you expect? Nothing, pretty much nothing, and that is the outcome of having one of these drinks. There are no noticeable effects. Too bad, because their version of the chocolate bar they offer under this strain provides one of the best effects compared to the other edibles available. It also happens to be 5X more potent. Unless you are trying THC for the very first time or just want to look cool because you are drinking out of a can that says it has THC inside, then this drink isn’t really for you.


I know their houndstooth drink kinda tasted like ass, so I was a bit nervous to take a sip initially. It turns out, that this tastes nothing like that at all. It’s actually rather tasty, albeit a bit too sweet, but none the less I think it tastes OK. The simplest thing I can compare it to would be ginger ale. The difference is that there is a hint of cannabis flavor to it and it’s a bit smoother of a drink than typical ginger ale would be. This drink has 29g of sugar in it, and you can tell. I would recommend they dial that down, cause if you like this drink and try to get high from consuming it your gonna end u with diabetes.


The last I looked at the chart a few days ago, here is what I was seeing on a shorter time frame:

Since I posted this it looks to be breaking down some, let’s see if the bulls can hold that cloud as support and rally to fill the gap.

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