Sober Infused Drink

Today we are uncapping a bottle of the new to the market THC infused beverages. On tap tonight is the Houndstooth & Soda. Yes, you will be sober… I mean technically, it’s not alcohol.


Here is a description from their website

and here is a description form Cannabis NB



– Smell: Didn’t notice too much of a smell tbh. Pretty much as you would expect with sparkling water. There was no detectible weed smell at all. 

– Taste: Tastes like a typical S.pellegrino carbonated water drink is ask me. It has a slight aftertaste to it, but then again a lot of these non-sugary versions of carbonated water do… so nothing too off there. The taste I suppose you could say is a titch fruity.

– Packaging: Aside from the weird top plastic piece it is just a recyclable can. Pretty simple and not excessive at all. 

– Calories: perfect for all you fat fuqs and people that want to limit their intake weighing in at a whopping whole 3 calories.

– Ingredients: A bunch of stuff written on the can…read it if you care.

FYI: If you were looking for something a bit sweeter and less boring on the taste buds then check out this CBD drink offering I recently reviewed here:

The Effects can best be described by this meme:

To be fair, this as I expected though as it is only 2mg. That’s 1/5th the maximum allowable amount, so someone like me is not their targeted audience. I’ll await more potent drink form them to give the effects a fair trial, as this one was a nothing-burger.


Tweed is $ or $CGC down under… Here is your no-frills chart done about as exciting as the high from this drink offered 🤪 

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