Cherry Punch

Due to popular demand, I am presenting you with another BLKMKT dried flower unboxing. Today we will be looking at their Cherry punch strain.

Back in January, I reviewed their Wedding crasher strain. I enjoyed that strain and as such have higher than normal expectations going into this one. To review this strain you can go here:

When compared to other pot stocks that are publically trading your guys thoughts surrounding GTEC are as follows

Q: What did one cherry say to the other cherry? 

A: If you weren’t so sweet, we wouldn’t be in this jam!


Here is the best description I could find on this strain.


Let’s take a peek, shall we?


  • Visual: As seen in the images above. As we have come to expect, the trim shows some level of detail has gone into this. If you’ve ever had 7ACRES it reminded me of that trim level, except with larger nugget sizes from BLK MKT. 
  • Smell and taste: This has a mild earthy like smell with subtle sweet crisp notes to it. It seems similar to their wedding cake strain IMO. It is not overwhelming to the nose like some strains, nor is it absent in scent either. Taste is along the same lines too – another one that could be easy to become accustomed to.
  • Dry? Yes. This was dried out more than I would prefer. I think this is in part due to there being no seal like other LP’s provide.
  • Smooth? Yes, it is fairly smooth.
  • Effects: This is probably one of the best body highs I have had. Any tension or discomforts melted away and that sleep-inducing effect like some Indica stains was not there.

As previously mentioned the containers that they come in look and feel pretty cool seeing as they are made out of glass instead of plastics as commonly used by other LPs. On an environmental note: The packaging size is not excessive – and the container contains more green goods rather than an abundance of space that is so often found in some other LP’s.

Stock info

BLK MKT is a brand under GTEC Holdings which trades under the ticker GTEC on the TSXV or under GGTTF on the OTC. The most recent news atm from their website talks about how the company is focused on maximizing shareholder’s returns. To read up more on this you can go here >>


Many charts in the pot stock sector have taken some big hits and GTEC is not isolated from the carnage we have seen. However, with that being said, many investors are patiently waiting on the sidelines to initiate or add to their positions. While there are no guarantees in life (aside from death and taxes) here is what I am currently seeing on the chart.


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