Once you go BLK you never go back

Time to get litt and crash a wedding 💃🕺. That is unless you end up getting too litt and start pondering about black holes again…🕳️ Yeah, it’s that type of weed! Today we are going to be unboxing Wedding Crasher by BLK MKT, a newly released gem to the recreational market.

Before we dive in, I wanted to let you know my thoughts surrounding the recent twitter noise on someone supposedly claiming that the brand name is somehow racist. Clearly, It’s just a snowflake looking for attention and any concern can be simply summed up by this gif:

Q: What did Tony yayo say when 50 Cent got a new sweater? 


Note: the catchphrase of this title refers to black holes – if you can understand the gravity of this situation 🕳️ As mentioned, this strain evokes a thought-provoking high – and black holes are an amazing phenomenon to ponder.


The release of BLK MKT cannabis to the recreational market is still relatively fresh having just been launched last month. So far from what I can gather the preception has been positive for the people that have had the opportunity. However, there are still many people in the unknown and yet to try. Don’t take my word on it – here is what you guys have been saying.

More details on this recent recreational debut can be found here:


On behalf of the market that is currently not being tapped into allow me to express my concerns as follows:

… yes some of us love our CBD strains too. I know that they are a small batch craft cannabis company, but maybe if we keep asking them we will get one of these ultra-premium CBD strains too 🙂

Fortunately for me, I had someone from the west ship me this product to try 😁 A product like this deserves to be available accross Canada IMO 👍


Here are the product description and details I could find online from Leafly:

My inital thoughts on this strain before trying can be described as:

Time to unbox


  • Visual: As seen in the images above. The trim shows some level of detail has gone into this IMO. If you’ve ever had 7ACRES it reminded me of that trim level, except with larger nugget sizes from BLK MKT. 👍
  • Smell and taste: This has a mild earthy like smell with sweet fruity notes to it. It is not overwhelming to the nose like some strains, nor is it absent in scent either. Taste is along the same lines too – rather easy to become accustomed to IMO. 👍
  • Smooth? No complaints here. 👌
  • Effects: Absent effects for a few minutes and then WHAM! Hit with a mind-wandering thought-provoking high that is more commonly associated with a Sativa strain, then it transitioned into a more mellow and relaxed, but alert and uplifting kind of high. It did not offer the sleepiness so commonly associated with Indica dominated strains. 👍

One positive take away that you may not have noticed is the containers that they come in. I think they look and feel pretty cool seeing as they are made out of glass instead of plastics as commonly used by other LPs. On an environmental note: The packaging size is not excessive – and the container contains more green goods rather than an abundance of empty space that is so often found in some other LP’s.

Company info

BLK MKT is a brand under GTEC Holdings which trades under the ticker GTEC on the TSXV or under GGTTF on the OTC. The most recent news atm from their website talks about their favorable gross margins and selling prices. To read up on this you can go here:

Insiders buying?

You bet! Insiders have been gobbling up the shares at these current prices. Typically insiders only buy for one reason. I’ll give you a hint. It’s not because they think the stocks price is going to be going down further 😂


Let’s take a peek at the chart, shall we? Here is what I am currently seeing on the weekly chart from a technical perspective:

In conclusion, I have enjoyed what BLK MKT has to offer and am looking forward to being able to try more of their products once they become available.

Disclaimer: I am not a certified comedian – please consult a comedian before having a laugh – same applies to any financial advice you might take away from my posts. If you can donate that would mean a lot to me and help to fuel me to keep going. Also, feel free to give me any feedback. Good, bad, or ugly. Thanks.

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