OK, let’s face it. The markets have been showing signs they have been a little frothy and starting to spill over. Whether or not you think we are headed into the dreaded R-word or not we can probably agree the days of throwing a dart and blinking your eyes just to see your portfolio double overnight are well behind us.

Here is my current BUNKER PORTFOLIO along with a little blurb as to why you might want to consider it in your portfolio.

Note: all of the mentioned stonks are Canadian listed, albeit some have exposure outside of Canada too. All stocks listed currently provide a dividend as a source of income and are not considered your traditional high growth stonks. However, I do expect many of these to grow moderately over time.

Company name | Ticker | Type | Dividend Yield

Emera Inc. | $EMA | Utility | 4.27%

How are you going to charge the phone you use when you’re taking a dump and trolling me on Twitter or microwave that no-name instant dinners you just bought on sale? You’re always gonna need to keep the lights on so utility stonks should have a home in your portfolio.

Metro Inc | $MRU | Grocery | 1.56%

You’re always going to need to eat. Some of you might eat a bit too much. Perhaps instead of reaching for that second bag of Dorritos, you toss some funds at a grocery stonk instead. Your waistline and your portfolio will thank you later.

Rogers Communications | $RCI.b | Communications | 2.86%

How are you accessing this financial blog piece I crafted for you right now? Chances are high that you are via your internet provider. If you didn’t have access to the internet how would you be able to track the top stonk picks your fav FURU pumps to you right? lol

Nutrien Ltd. | $NTR | Fertilizer | 1.90%

While this stonk might be considered a bit more growth-oriented than the others on this list there is good reason to consider having a fertilizer company in your portfolio now too given the current global constraints brought about by the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Labrador Iron Ore Royalty Corporation | $LIF | Mining | 5.75%

Iron man is a pretty cool superhero. Not sure if his suit was sourced from LIF or not but iron is used in many things we see daily from cars and batteries to guns and bridges.

Acadian Timber Corp | $ADN | Lumber | 6.16%

Perhaps not as exciting as some of the growth stocks you have come to know over recent years, but that is in part the point. It s a lower beta stock that offers an attractive income and gives you less to worry about. Besides, what are they going to build the new affordable housing that future generations will be living in with anyways right?

Enbridge Inc | $ENB | Natural Gas | 6.14%

Got gas? No, not the kind that comes from eating my meals. I am talking about the energy used to heat your house and cook your meals. At one point nat gas was considered the clean energy source and still is compared to other sources. Regardless, natural gas will be around for a while to help bridge our energy needs while this company is also ramping up renewable energy efforts in the meantime.

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce | $CM | Banks | 4.53%

Banks, whether you love or hate em’ have always been around and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. If you think all banks are the same then why not pick the one with the juiciest dividend. As of recent that has been a toss-up between BNS and CM – flip a coin and add a bank to your portfolio today – besides where else are you gonna get that money you need to borrow to get out of your parents’ basement?

Manulife Financial Corporation | $MFC | Insurance | 5.25%

Insurance, it’s simply one of those things in life you don’t want to think about, but boy oh boy are you glad you have it if you need it. Health insurance can be thought of as a staple in anyone’s portfolio. Health topics are becoming more openly talked about in today’s society and rightfully so. Why not add some insurance to your portfolio today and collect a decent divy along the way.

Superior Plus Corp | $SPB | Utility / Oil & Gas Operations | 6.35%

Another, albeit different energy provider on this list. Let’s face it – we will continue to need energy and as Hank (King of the Hill) says propane is the best source of fuel. What do you recommend goes well on the BBQ with a side of a juicy dividend anyways?

B2Gold Corp | $BTO | Gold | 3.78%

I love Gold (read with Goldmember’s voice). Gold is traditionally considered an inflationary hedge, and boy oh boy is inflation ever kicking me in the nuts right now- ouff! So, assuming we stick to traditions why not stick with a stonk that pays a decent divy and has a beta under one.

Pizza Pizza Royalty Corp | $PZA | Food | 5.76%

Whether or not you are the top chef in the kitchen or just simply have no clue you are going to at least occasionally going to want to order pizza. Chances are you will be looking for something with good value, that is half decent tasting without denting the wallet. Perhaps you enjoy the veggie or the meat lovers, regardless it comes with a side of a juicy dividend. Bon Appetite!

SmartCentres Real Estate Investment | $SRU.un | Retail REIT | 5.91%

Walmart…Ever here of that? Well, that is this REIT’s anchor tenant and the rest is gravy. No need to think any further and just add this REIT to your portfolio today.

True North Commercial REIT | $TNT.un | Commercial REIT | 8.74%

If you are looking to collect a juicy dividend and forgo any major growth opportunities then this REIT might be for you. Some of their tenants include the federal government and if they have a hard time paying the bill then we have bigger problems to worry about than our portfolio.

Canadian Apartment Properties REIT | $CAR.un | Residential REIT | 2.88%

Can’t afford the down payment for a house but want to get out of your mom’s basement right? Looks like an apartment is your next best bet. People will always need a place to live, perhaps this REIT can find a home in your portfolio today.

Suncor Energy Inc. | $SU | Oil & Gas | 3.64%

With energy supply channels being disrupted due to the ongoing war, energy security is becoming more and more of a concern, and rightfully so. People will argue we need to focus on cleaner energy sources and Suncor is one of few players that is actively pursuing this evolution as well such as their electric charging stations offered at Petro Canada’s across the country.

Purpose Bitcoin Yield ETF | $BTCY.b | Bitcoin | 13.66%

Cryptocurrencies whether you like them are not are slowly becoming more mainstream ever since their debut. If you can stomach some volatility then this might be worth adding to your portfolio as a digital hedge. This particular fund offers an attractive monthly dividend and is slightly less volatile than holding the currency itself. 

Corby Spirit and Wine Ltd | $CSW.a | Alcohol | 5.02%

Q: What do people like to do during good times?

A: Drink.

Q: What do people like to do during bad times?

A: Drink even more.

Brookfield Infrastructure Partners LP | $BIP.un | Transportation | 3.42%

Company description “one of the largest owners and operators of critical global infrastructure networks which facilitate the movement and storage of energy, water, freight, passengers and data.” Sounds good to me. Plus it is a low beta stonk with a reasonable dividend and has room for growth. What’s not to like?

Canadian Tire | $CTC.a | Retail (Department & Discount) | 2.94%

Cost-conscious retailers should fair better than your fancy growth stonks provided the market shit storm continues. People will still need to buy things, but chances are they will take on more DIY projects as opposed to hiring professionals. Whether you will be doing your own oil changes or renovating your basement to accommodate your 30-year-old kids, you will need to have the tools to do so. Why not from CT? Their MasterCraft brand name tends to be rather affordable and reliable – much like this stonk pick.

As a bonus, with the inclusion of $CSW.a, you can tell people you are doing some “market research” when you’re unwinding after a long day’s work or whatnot:

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