Some Mental Health Tips

With all of the craziness and restrictions in place in today’s world, I figured I would take some time and talk to you guys about mental health and some insight from my perspective. After all, you guys said it was on your priority list:

Note: I am not a certified mental health expert, but rather offering you some of my thoughts on what we can do to better ourselves. This blog piece is only meant o scratch the surface. Feedback and ongoing conversation are welcomed. Scroll below to find some conversation starters:

Mental Resilience

This is one thing that everyone can improve upon – no matter where you are at now. It is quite possible to be testing yourself more frequently in today’s current environment, but don’t fret, I have a tip. Look forward to something positive. It’s that simple. When I was doing my military training last summer we were on our feet a lot and using them in ways that I had never really done before. It was weird, I had blisters on the top of my feet from doing drills and things like leopard crawls all day. Whenever I felt discomforted I just told myself how awesome it would feel at the end of the day when I could finally kick my boots and socks off for a few hours. It helped me, and by focusing on even just the little positive things to look forward to, it could help you too.

Mind Over Matter

Similar to the tip above, try employing some mind over matter techniques when the going gets tough. For example, let’s say you are freezing your butt off on a cold winter’s day. Now, mentally recall what it was like on one of the hottest days the past summer where you were sweating bricks. Place yourself there (in your head) and imagine you are in a state of the art building with the finest air conditioning around. I know it sounds silly, but it can work to temporarily distract you from current discomforts.

Insurance Providers 

If you are experiencing ongoing mental health issues you can always reach out to your insurance providers. They should be able to get you in contact with the professionals that will allow you to manage or conquer your demons at hand. For those of you that do not have a health insurance provider, there are free alternatives you can seek out, try starting here:

Charts of some Health-related companies

Here are some of the top insurance providers that are publically traded and how they have compared as an investment recently:

Here are some other publically traded companies that have their tentacles in the health care space as well:

For most people when they think of Telus $T the first thing that comes to mind is communications, and that is not wrong, but they are also involved in the healthcare space as well. Here is the latest chart I have provided on them and it appears to be backtesting the breakout atm now:

For people that prefer the REIT side of healthcare please take a look at Northwest Healthcare $NWH.un. Here is the most recent chart I provided on them:

Some other newer companies in the space include MindBeacon $MBCN which is focusing on providing mental Health solutions virtually. And for people more on the technology side of healthcare, they might be interested to see what Carebook $CRBK is up to. I will provide technical updates to both these companies via Twitter once I am able to digest further candles and see a clearer pattern as both are relatively new at this time.

Hopefully, you find the information here useful. If you have any questions or are curious about any other charts technically, please reach out to me on Twitter at any time. Have a great day everyone!

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