A CBD drink you can enjoy

Today we will review Veryvell Sicilian Lemon Sparkling water – a CDB infused beverage. You might already know I am an advocate for the benefits of CBD when it comes to either relaxing soreness or providing a better workout, and this offering is right up there amongst the top and recommended for you to try. Read on to find out why.

Here is the description as provided from Cannabis NB:

Let’s crack that top shall we:

By now we have come to expect a lot of offerings from various assorted LP’s to taste like donkey ass. Good news. This offering doesn’t. It’s pleansently tasty IMO. it smells like lemons, and it tastes like lemons. Imagine that! I’m not much of a pop drinker, but it reminded me of Sprite, just a bit less sugary… then I looked at the back and realized oh wow!, there is no sugar in it at all or no calroies or any of that assuflame or whatever vooddo taste bud stuff in it. There is no cannabis smell , however there still is that slight slime aftertaste result you get from these types of beverages; nothing overly bothersome, especially considering it offers 15 mg of CBD and not the stardard 10 from most others.

The effects kick in aout 15 to 20 minutes after consumtion and will last you about an hour before it starts to wear off. Seems pretty ideal for getting a good workout in… and it was. Happened to be my pull day and was able to squeeze that extra pullup in that I wasn’t able to muster up the last pullup day. On top of that, I was in one of the moods were I wasn’t feeling overly motivated but knew I needed to do some pullups and chinup sets in, and this made it much easier to accomplish. Afterall, we all know the benefits of keeping active and working out. I need to remain in good shape so I can serve our country when called upon, so finding little hacks such as these makes things a little bit more enjoyable.

Veryvell is a Hexo product and Hexo trades under the ticker $HEXO on the TSX and the NYSE. Here is a simple take on what I am currently seeing on the chart now. Feel free to add your comments below.

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