Oh No Mollo – a cannabis beer review

Beer time…errr, wait! It’s a weed drink that contains no alcohol but rather THC instead… But it’s made from malted barley…sooo it’s a beer? Whatever it is, it is different than the other cannabis drinks and potentially one to consider… potentially. Read on for my input.

Here are the limited details as provided from Cannabis NB:

… that description was helpful right? lol … let’s take a peek at what’s inside shall we,


So it looks like a beer, contains stuff a typical beer would have but does it taste like a beer?

Well a few of us were sitting around a campfire and drinking your typical beers from Moosehead, Coors, and a local craft beer from PEI to compare it to. Here is one what my friends thought:
“Tastes like swamp water”
ok, what about the other guy…
“Tastes like a bad beer that you drink the next morning after being left open all evening”
LOL… ok, and what about my thoughts?
Well, it tastes sorta like one of those generic non-alcoholic beers, but it lacks flavor. It’s just sorta something to drink that maybe you could pretend is a beer at best but doesn’t pack a punch as a beer should in terms of flavor.

What’s the good news? Well, the good news is that you can get some mild effects of a typical balanced cannabis offering while not consuming any alcohol…or in my case as much lol. Another plus is that it is very low in calories weighing in at only 30 per bottle. This is gonna help us avoid that beer gut and keep your beach bod.

As for the chart, it’s still going sideways off of the lows… and yes, this is another $HEXO related product btw. Wait for a break one way or the other to confirm your position.

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