A THC beverage review worth yawning about

Today we are gonna be gonna do a review that will make you yawn. No, it’s not a rehash of my prior blog posts you smart asses. We will be reviewing Yawn THC drops.

Verywell is the brand, also says Truss Beverages on the back….yawn… it’s HEXO.
Here is the description from Truss Beverages website.

And here is the description as provided from Cannabis NB:


This or the next image shows with or without mix, very subtle visual as you can see

Says on their website I should NOT mix with alcohol … so naturally, that is exactly what I did lol… and well, here is the results below in this image

That was a typical glass of red wine… keyword “was”. This did not mix well at all as you can see. And if you’re wondering, it tasted just as awful as it looked – still managed to finish it, but won’t be doing that again.
So perhaps you’re wondering what it does mix well with. Coffee? That is also a nope from me. However aside from just mixing with water, I found that this did indeed mix well enough with Green Tea. The taste profile doesn’t offset the flavor as it did mix with coffee.

Allow me to summarize my main thoughts as follows…

If you do the math …ahhhhhhhhhh! The numbers you end up crunching show tremendous value here. Allow me to compare. Let’s take the last THC drink we reviewed by Tweed as an example. Go here to read up on it if interested:

So you pay $5.99 for one can that contains 2mg. Whereas if you used the drops that would be 4 drops worth (1/2 mg per drop) and at 9 cents a drop that is $0.36 (assuming you mixed with water or other free beverage of course). Wow, holy value Batman! I know right… Now let’s flip this. For the same $5.99 you were gonna spend, how much more high could you get? Yes, I spun it this way – cause why not! 😂… so that works out to about 33X! See kids, isn’t math fun 🙂

And as for effects, it’s pretty much as the label indicates. Yawn! It’s gonna make you sleepy if you take a full dosage. Of course, the amount you need to take will vary. I found that with about 10mg I was quite relaxed and a titch sleepy, but when doubled up to 20mg I was ready to examine the back of my eyelids. So possibly great for those with sleep issues – not so much for people looking to party. And for the record, it is a rapid onset and kicks in about 15-20 minutes after consumption. If you don’t end up falling asleep the effects should last a good hour before starting to wear off.

I would like to see them come out with a hybrid or sativa strains for us to try – what would you like to see? Let me know in the comments on hit me up on Twitter.
Note: I do not have any sleeping issues, but I wonder if this would have made my nights of sleep while away training out in the woods under a hoochie getting eaten alive by bugs and laying on tree roots any better 🤷‍♀️

Well, $HEXO chart has come down from its prior glory days, but it also seems to have put in a bottom. Here are my technical thoughts going forward from here:

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