THC Drink with TGOD

You guys said you wanted a THC drink unboxing piece. When you ask, I deliver. Today we will be unboxing one of the biggest MJ cults cocaine packets… oops, I mean we will be unboxing TGOD Dissolvable THC Powder. Does the hype deliver this time around? Read on to find out.


Here is the description as taken from TGOD’s website. Note that the price on their description must be specific to a certain area as it cost a twoonie more in NB and making it a bit pricey in comparison to the other options available here.

Thoughts before consumption

When I first saw this stuff come out of the packet I immediately thought of some of my followers and pictured then snorting this like lines of cocaine. I am 99.99% sure some of you are going to do this. I do not recommend you consume this way, but I also do not, not recommend it either. I mean the packaging doesn’t say though shall not snort lol.


Let’s dive in, shall we? Note That I mixed mine with water so I could best show you what it looks like and describe it’s taste. This might not be your ideal mix (can picture some of you adding to your vodka drinks lol) but I wanted to make sure you all know what this one is about. So here we go…

Taste and Mix

There is a slight smell and taste of cannabis, but it is rather subtle, at least compared to HEXO’s offering. As far as the mix goes, you can see for yourself. It does mix well, but it is rather cloudy as you can see.


Despite what I read from a few posts online, my conclusion and seemingly the same one I was able to take away when discussing the experience with some of the Cannabis NB staff … it is a bit disappointing I must admit. It didn’t really do shit all except make my eyelids a titch heavy – but not sleepy if you were wondering – basically a nothing burger waste of money!


OK, we are all aware that TGOD’s chart has fallen drastically from the previous highs by now, but where does it stand now? Is their hope for investors? Here is what I am currently seeing on the chart from a technical perspective – combine this with your fundamental research to perceive the bigger picture.

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