GuaranTweed to Mocha you smile

Time for a quick unboxing piece within the MJ sector. Today we will be looking at Tweed’s houndstooth & Mocha bar. If you can recall, their Peppermint bar we unboxed before Xmas was a huge hit. Let’s dive in, shall we?

… and if this bar is doesn’t Mocha you smile, maybe the chart will 🙂


Per Tweed’s website, they claim that each Tweed chocolate bar is made up of four shareable pieces with 2.5 mg THC per piece. For those that are not good at math, that is 10 mg per bar (the maximum allowable amount)


Here is what you can expect to see inside. Note, as far as packaging goes, I still think Tweed has the best packaging as far as presentation goes if you are looking to gift it.


While I do not claim to be a chocolate guru of any sort, I will state that the Tweed bars are amongst the best tasting MJ infused bars available on the market that I have tried. This tastes good. In short, it tastes lie a chocolate bar with that mocha/coffee-like flavor to it. It seems to have a bit of a crunch to it as well. There is no detectible cannabis taste to it if you were wondering. Overall, the taste is great!


The effects will kick in about an hour after consumption. So if you don’t notice it right away you don’t need to indulge in another. I mean you can if you want, I’m not your mother – I’m not gonna tell you what to do lol. Once it kicks in here is what to expect. The high offered starts off with a bit of head pulsing (Kind of expected this as a similar experience with the flower) however, that quickly fades (thankfully) and then turns out to be an upbeat high that makes you feel alert and a bit more energetic or uplifted it you will. The alertness you get from this strain is not the squirrely kind but the more upbeat kind – so all is well there. Overall, not too bad for a Sativa high if this is what you are aiming for. I would like to share that I did enjoy their Indica Bakerstreet bar more, but this bar is still pretty good too.


OK, enough about the bar already, let’s take a look at the chart. There seems to be lots of chatter around a reversal potential in the MJ space now and looking at the chart I tend to agree with the possibility of this sentiment. Here is what I am currently seeing on the chart:

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