Gym Juice

Today we will be giving Hexo a second chance. We will be unboxing their Veryvell Exhale CBD Drops. Yes, the dried cannabis they sold me in the past was horrendous, but I figured I’d give them a second chance in a different category. Let’s see how that panned out, shall we?


The information I have been able to obtain on this product is limited. In talking to my local Cannabis NB folk I have been informed that they are rapid onset drops… so similar to the other beverages I have tried and are expected to kick in within about half an hour or so. Here is the description provided from the store:


Here you go…

2 drops on a white plate
before mixing – slightly cloudy
after mixing – clear


In terms of taste – well it is not tasteless. I mixed min with water and the taste was…. well, it reminded me of drinking stale water out of a plastic container. So the flavor is not desirable, but I did mix mine with water… so I guess all things considered it is not too strong and if you are mixing with a flavored beverage then I suppose it will likely be mostly flavorless. Note I did add over 20 drops to go for my desired CBD intake.

However, the effects delivered, and that is ultimately what I was going for. After 20 – 30 mins the onset is in full and this did help me push harder in my workout. I should know. I was doing pistol squats…. believe me, my chicken legs can use all the help to push through and do additional reps. Benefits wear off within an hour after kicking in.

Note: aside from the ability to push a bit harder in my workouts and some slight relaxation in my muscles there were no other noticeable effects such as sleepiness.


Veryvell is a brand under Hexo. Here is what I am currently seeing on the chart

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