Pine and Apple gummies duh

I thought I was getting a two for one combo contianing both pine and apple – turns out Pineapple is one thing all on it’s own – duh! And some of you guys like this on pizza, so will probably like it as an edible too. You guys said you wanted another MJ unboxing, so today we will be looking at San Rafael’s Pineapple Sativa Gummies. To be fair, I am not certain if you wanted to see this or just did not want to see any more of my cooking lol


Pretty sure someone at San Rafael was pretty fuqing high when they wrote this, but here it is – their self described description lol


Let’s take a peek shall we…


Pineapple does have a retty distinct taste – so it’s easy to see why some people might love or hate it. However, when it comes to these gummies that “pineapple” taste is pretty lacking imo. Pretty much tastes like a generic gummy. Not saying it tastes good or bad, just generic and boring. Texture wise is in line with the other Aurora gummies I have discussed. 

As for the high, it’s not a heavy hitter per se but it did offer a bit more of a hybrid-sativa like a effect perhaps a bit of a head-warping and slight body high. 

Overall better than the sativa ones they offer under the Aurora brand but their indica gummies are still much better, with their grape ones being the best in my opinion. You can check those out here if interested:


OK, let’s keep this simple, we all know what $ACB is by now … If not read up on my older post or use this thing called the internet – you’ll figure it out… as for the chart on $ACB here are my simple thoughts atm:

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