Wanna try some Vanilla Chai

Today we will be unboxing a Foray Vanilla Chai Milk Chocolate Bar. Sounds weird right? Yeah, I thought so too. Don’t worry – I’ve done all the dirty work to find out if this is best to avoid or a pleasant surprise – read on to find out.

Q. What do you call a person that wipes this Vanilla Chai Milk Chocolate Bar all over their pants?

A: Chai Knees


Here is the description as per Cannabis NB


Here we go…


  • Taste: Have you ever had those icy chocolate squares? Well, this bar in part reminded me of those – perhaps a mix between those and a regular bar but was very smooth and sweet. As for the vanilla chai – it was topped with that flavoring. The flavor is similar to what you would get from a vanilla chai tea, except obviously more chocolatey. Overall very tasty, much more so than I was expecting it to be. 👍
  • Calories: Look away you fat fuqers and calorie-conscious dimwits – this one is gonna scare the sheot out of you. 😆
  • Effects: Not overly potent, but as expected for 10mg. This did offer some slight calmness and the ability to focus. Hold on a second, isn’t that what Ritalin is used for…🤔

Side note: While the packaging does not utilize a lot of space it is rather boring and not the most appealing to be used as a gift as the Tweed bars present themselves in their packaging.


This chocolate bar is made by a company called Auxly Cannabis Group Inc. which is publically listed on the TSXV as XLY or the OTC under CBWTF. Here is what I am currently seeing on the chart atm:

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