Dud-licious Truffles

Using only the finest hand-picked cocoa beans from the poop piles of the coolest monkeys found in the jungles we can create the finest truffles to shove down your hatch hole… or something like that… Today we will be unboxing Edison BYTES Milk Chocolate Truffles. Enjoy!

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Here is the description provided from their website

Description from Cannabis NB


Let’s opener up already…


Tastes great! Similar to those Lindt Lindor truffles.

It’s a dud! Waited over a couple of hours and it didn’t do jack shit! Yes, I had the whole ball shoved down my throat. And yes, other 10mg edibles have enough of a kick to make me feel at least something. Maybe they accidentally packed the sample non-infused one for me ffs.

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Stock info and Chart

Edison is a brand under Organigram that trades on the TSX and down under via the ticker OGI. Recently Organigram has announced it is hiring to ramp up production. This is going against the grain compared to what many other LP’s are doing. This makes me wonder… I wish nothing but the best to all those that will end up fulfilling those positions. Like most MJ related tickers they have been heading downwards non-stop, OGI is no exception. Here is what I am currently seeing on the chart from a simplified zoomed out perspective.

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