FIGR it out

OK, ladies and gents, you said you wanted to see more 510 cartridges reviewed and I am stepping up onto the plate once more. Today we will be unboxing a Citrus Craft Vape Cartridge by FIGR.

How about we kick things off with an inspirational quote:

I lose sleep at night wondering whether we are intelligent enough to figure out the universe. I don’t know. 

~ Neil deGrasse Tyson

Perhaps these are the types of questions you will try to FIGR out once you haul this vape too.


One extremely attractive point that FIGR is making here is the price point. if you search for the lowest priced vapes (at least on Cannabis NB) their products will be the first on the list. You can purchase them in both .25 and .5 gram formats. The typical carts offered by other LPs are in a .5g format. It should be noted that the price point offered from FIGR is cheaper than it’s competitors with the .5g carts too. If you only want a smaller .25g option the price is even lower. A great way to entice people to try their product for sure. But will it be any good? That is the key question! Keep reading to find out.


The description provided is rather limited, and as far as the details that can be found from Cannabis NB, it is labeled as being an Indica. I’ll see about gathering more details for a follow-up session if this one interests you guys. For now, here is the provided description from their website:


Let’s unbox this thing already, shall we

to compare
notice unque mouth piece


  • Smell and taste: My initial thoughts were Fruit Loops. But after I thought about it some more, I think Trix cereal is more accurate in describing the taste and even smell here. See the main article meme for implied flavor. If you are a fan of more candy-like oriented flavors then this is unquestionably for you 🍭
  • Smooth? Yep! A lot smoother than some of the other carts available out there, that’s for sure 👍
  • Effects: This one offers you more of that slight relaxing and takes the edge off kinda high. If you prefer to keep hauling more (possibly because it tastes so damn delicious) it will eventually lead you to a bit more of mind-fog state, however.


OK, my biggest complaint with this FIGR product is that the packaging is too excessive… making it larger to store and find a home for in its original boxing. 

Also, Why are they offering 3 different Indica strains only atm. Where are my CBD and Sativa strains ffs? 

Stock info

FIGR is a brand under PYXUS INTERNATIONAL INC which trades on the NYSE under PYX. The most recent news includes details about their new consumer brand’s business operating model. You can read up on this here if you like:


Like many of #potstock charts out there, this one has also taken a beating recently too. I am going to keep this one super simple for people looking at a longer time frame. 


I very much enjoyed this vape overall I must admit. I would like to be able to try the other offerings that they have too. My next FIGR unboxing might not be a for a while as I have more than enough to keep me going a while, however, if you guys insist and help me out some I might see about the next FIGR adventure sooner than later. ✌

Disclaimer: I am not a certified comedian – please consult a comedian before having a laugh – same applies to any financial advice you might take away from my posts. If you can donate that would mean a lot to me and help to fuel me to keep going. Also, feel free to give me any feedback. Good, bad, or ugly. Thanks.

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