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I would like to revisit the first unboxing piece that we looked at when I started doing this blog thingy on Aphria’s Solei Free. You can revisit that piece by clicking here:

Today I will be going over this product again, except in a different format. Today we will be unboxing Solei Free’s oil.


Here is the product description as per the Solei Website:

Here are the details about the strain used for this oil – source Leafly:


Let’s dive in, shall we…


  • Visual: As per images above. Note that the color of the oil is pretty clear and transparent. Most oils I have tried are golden in color so this is a bit different to me.
  • Smell and taste: This barely offers any smell or taste at all tbh
  • Consumption: The dropper provided works well – can measure your desired amount easily.
  • Effects: Worked well as for its intended use with me. Slight discomforts such as a sore shoulder were alleviated. 

Recap on CBD usage

As I have been suggesting for a while now, performing this particular apple to apple comparison (same company strain in flower versus oil format) backs up my thesis that oils and edibles are best for longer-term use to treat thing such as minor discomforts, while the dried flower format is better for pushing yourself in workouts. In other words, the flower version offers shorter-term effects but more pronounced. To be fair the oils to help with working out a little bit, but not to the same extent as its flower counterpart.

Stock info

For those of you that do not know Solei is a brand from Aphria which trades under the ticker APHA on the TSX and APHA on the NYSE.

Aphria is one of the larger, well know LP’s and as such has plenty of bulls and bears spinning off their take on there every move. One of the most recent developments from Aprhia would be the recent closing of $100 million. To read more on this you can go here:


Well, let’s take a peek at the chart shall we, see where we are now since we last visited this…

In conclusion, we could simply sum up Solei Free oils as:

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