More Gummies not so yummy

Let’s continue where we left off on our last Aurora gummies unboxing and take a look at their Sativa offering. Today we will be unboxing Aurora’s Raspberry Gummies. If you recall, I liked the Grape gummies they offer overall. If you have a weak stomach for negative leaning reviews, then I suggest you stop reading any further 😭

After all, you guys said you wanted to see this:

Recap of the product description from their website below. It’s nice that we get this β€œhigh-quality cannabinoid extract” as they call it, but I would still really prefer to see which strain you are deriving this from. Still, though, identifying it as a Sativa is a step in the right direction.

Time to get down to business and see what’s inside this oversized container shall we:


  • Smell: like a typical raspberry candy – no cannabis smell detected 🀷
  • Taste: Tastes like cheap typical raspberry candies, not too horrid but disappointing compared to how well the grape ones tasted IMO. There is no cannabis taste detected πŸ˜’
  • Texture – soft and a bit squishy, but not sticky. Like a typical softer chewing gummy – softer than the traditional wine gummies but not too soft.
  • Calories – not too excessive, but perhaps not the best fit for some of you chunky monkies out there πŸ˜†
  • Ingredients: A bit lengthy but surprisingly I understand most of it πŸ‘
  • Effects: For some reason, these just made me agitated and irritated. Not really the kinda high anyone wants I would think πŸ‘Ž 

Again the packaging from Aurora here is pretty damn excessive – maybe they could fill the container next time

The Aurora Drift Raspberry Gummies are created by Aurora and trade on both the TSX and the NYSE under the ticker ACB. Here is what I am currently seeing on the chart zoomed in on the daily candles:

Conclusion for these gummies can also be summed up as:

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