Kolab Project gummies unboxing

Let’s continue where we left off before Christmas when we unboxed the Foray Pineapple Orange soft chews. Today we will be unboxing Kolab Project Apple Green Tea soft chews. Both Foray and Kolab are under Auxly btw

Here is the description provided from Cannabis NB:

If you look at the offerings of the chews available from Foray and Kolab you will notice they are essentially the same with slight differences aside from the packaging colors used. There are a total of 5 different types of gummies available and can be broken down by THC/CBD content as follows – your welcome:

High CBD – Foray Pineapple Orange

Mostly CBD – Kolab Apple Green Tea

Balanced – Foray Peach Mango

Mostly THC – Foray Raspberry Vanilla

THC only – Kolab Grapefruit Hibiscus

As you know I do enjoy CBD for working out at home. So let’s opener’ up and see what’s inside shall we:

The Verdict:

  • Smell: This one also didn’t smell like much tbh. 👌
  • Taste: Tasted like those green apple candies commonly associated with green an apple caramel sucker except without the caramel and some other god knows what flavor. I don’t think I could taste any green tea tbh. And Yes, I know what green tea tastes like ffs, I am drinking one at this very moment. It just tastes like something I cannot describe in words. Yes, you could subtly taste that there was cannabis infused in it 🥴
  • Packaging: The packaging used is the same that you get from most LP’s that use for their 1g offerings when not in a container. I think that the packaging for such a small quantity doesn’t need to be this excessive, but again, I am sure there are regulations around this…🤷
  • Limited calories: Great for all you porkers looking to watch your waistline 😂
  • Ingredients: OK, we have sugar, cannabis … and a list other sheot I have no idea wtf it is…🤷

Note: the gummy is squishy with a little bit of a crunch from the sugar coating.


  • TBH I found the effects of this offering not quite as good as what the Foray CBD gummies offered. If you look at the CBD content there was twice as much CBD in the Foray ones (for the same price too!), however, I took double the gummies (both) of the Kolab ones to ensure that I had the same amount of CBD (10mg) for a fair comparison. 
  • Some minor discomforts were alleviated a little bit…
  • No, the trace amounts THC provided in this offering did not provide any type of noticeable high to me.

To reiterate my last findings, I would say gummies and edibles in general that contain CBD is better for longer-lasting pain relief of minor ailments and vaping or smoking would be better for higher potency but shorter bursts better suited for working out.

Stock info

These gummies are made by a company called Auxly Cannabis Group Inc. which is publically listed on the TSXV as XLY or the OTC under CBWTF. 

The most recent news release on them here:

Since we last looked at Auxly the chart has broken out of the bullish falling wedge we painted. Congrats to anyone that noticed this observation and was able to profit accordingly. Here is what I currently am seeing on the chart now

In conclusion, I am just going to say straight NO to this offering. Noto many people in most situations. The exceptions would:

  • people looking to ease into THC first time
  • people that love this flavor for whatever reason

Disclaimer: I am not a certified comedian – please consult a comedian before having a laugh – same applies to any financial advice you might take away from my posts. If you can donate that would mean a lot to me and help to fuel me to keep going. Also, feel free to give me any feedback. Good, bad, or ugly. Thanks.

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