So Smooth

When life hands you lemons… Smoke it! Today we will be unboxing Lemon Z by Caliber.

Their website doesn’t offer a description of this flower from what I can gather, but here is what Cannabis NB displays:

I am not able to find specific details on the said strain, however, it is supposed to be a combination of these two if this helps:

Let’s do some unboxing shall we

with flash


  • Visual: As seen above. While there was nothing wrong about it, I am a bit disappointed that there were many smaller pieces and the trim job could have been a little better given that this goes for a premium πŸ‘Ž
  • Smell and taste: The smell initially reminded me of the Lemon Skunk strain, except with more lemon and less skunk. The smell packs a moderate to a moderate-high punch. Once you do some more sniffing you do get a waft of that berry/floral earthy sweetness too. The taste is more or less the same too, except you get a bit more of those earthy and berry tones coming through than the smell alone suggests. Still has that Lemon zing to it though πŸ‘
  • Dry? No. This was not overly dry and had a little bit more flex to it than what most other LP’s offer πŸ‘
  • Smooth? YES, YES, YES! I would have to say this has to be amongst the smoothest of all I have ever tried. Definitely will give Broken Coast a run for its money on this front. If you like smooth hauling strains this is a must-try IMO πŸ‘
  • Effects: While Cannabis NB has it marked as a Sativa, I would say the effects are closer in line with what you would expect from a hybrid. This strain is also moderate – to moderate-low on THC% so the effects are more in lines with say a lite beer is to the beer world. What it does offer though is some slight happy vibes and relaxation. Offers a clean lite clear-headed high that will pretty much let you do whatever it was you were gonna do in the first place πŸ‘

It should be noted that this packaging is overly excessive. This 1g container is larger than other LP’s 3.5g containers ffs.

Stock info:

Caliber is a brand name under Toronto Herbal Remedies that belongs to Sproutly. Sproutly trades on the CSE under the ticker SPR and on the OTC under SRUTF. When I think about Sproutly I am interested in finding out more about their drinks and deal with Moosehead. More details on this can be seen here if interested:

Let’s take a peek at the chart. This is what I am currently noticing at a high level on the weekly chart atm.


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