You CANN do it

Hey everyone, thanks for tuning in. Today we are going to be taking a look at the ORIGINAL GC vape cartridge offered by Spinach Cannabis. I know many of you have heard things and are looking forward to this review, so sit back and enjoy the show. But first…

Q: What is the difference between spinach and snot? 

A: Children will eat their snot!

… and that’s a good thing, in this case, we don’t want our kids around these Spinach products anyways. And on that note, these particular vapes are not flavored in such a way that it would appeal to children either. βœ“

A high-level company breakdown – you know, when you look at the packing and then read the details and try to decipher everything…

Allow me to simplify:

  • Spinach, the brand in question here comes from Cronos Group.
  • Distributed by Peace Naturals, also Cronos.
  • Manufactured by Cannacure Corporation, this is from Heritage Cannabis Holdings Corp.

Cronos trades on the TSX and Nasdaq under the ticker CRON.

Heritage Cannabis trades on the CSE under the ticker CANN and on the OTC under the ticker HERTF. Please note that there is also another cannabis ticker CANN on the OTC – just remember CANN is not CANN.

Before we get into the unboxing I just want to point out that the Spinach website is not overly informative. Amongst the biggest issue, I see (technically don’t see) is that there are no product details displayed aside from simply stating it is a sativa and its a 0.5-gram extract Vape Cartridge. The Cannabis NB site is more or less the same as well, except it does add that this is 2.0 DFE.

Here are some details on the strain that this vape juice is derived, from Leafly:

Note: Green Cush is Green Crack… Think the government doesn’t like selling crack, so we replace with the word cush πŸ˜‚, not to be confused with kush which is typically reserved for indica strains.Β 

Just a reminder that with 510 vape cartridges all you need to do is: twist and suck πŸ˜‚

And remember, not only do the 51 cartridges offer more value, they are recyclable and not disposable 😊

Time to dive in and take a look at some of the unboxing pics

The verdict:

  • Smell & Taste: Not sure I will do it justice with this explanation, but in simple terms can be summed up as follows: Like a good normal weed just accompanied with a nice subtle hint of lemon to it πŸ‘Œ
  • Smooth? Well, not overly actually, not if you are taking big hauls anyways. It made me cough for sure. Smaller hauls it is fine, but this one is much more potent and makes larger clouds than the San Rafael one I had tried at least. Β Some of you will probably love that about this one tbh. Perhaps this is something better suited for people that are used to rolling a joint the old-fashion way and are looking to find a vaping product that offers an easy transition 🀷 This meme is most certainly applicable here:

Effects: No complaints here. This more than did the trick and offered a good high. Albeit, I did find a bit more mind wandering in nature than an energizing strain as suggested. Allow this meme to explain:

When deciding to purchase amongst the different options 510 cartridges available you might notice some pricing differences. Spinach is one of the higher-priced options available at Cannabis NB (might vary in your area). However, we all know better quality is worth paying more, and there is no denying that this is of higher quality. Also, note that this 510 cartridge offers 2.0 DFE whereas some other lower-priced cartridges offer less even though they are all listed as 0.5g 510 cartridges. 

To the charts:

Here is what I was seeing on the $CANN chart as of December 30th and posted on my Twitter account from one of my random chart request that I frequently do. So yes, $CANN was clearly of interest to many of you.

I still feel that this $CANN chart is showing the bigger picture of what is technically happening here – Note that the weekly chart is now facing the cloud as resistance. If the recent bullish sentiment contines then we could see the cloud cleared as resistance and turned into support πŸ‘€

And here is what I am seeing on $CRON atm:

Disclaimer: I am not a certified comedian – please consult a comedian before having a laugh – same applies to any financial advice you might take away from my posts. If you can donate that would mean a lot to me and help to fuel me to keep going. Also, feel free to give me any feedback. Good, bad, or ugly. Thanks.

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