Chill and let your gains drift away

OK, time for another edible unboxing. I’m just trying to help us, last-minute shoppers before the fat man comes down your chimney (I swear I didn’t mean for that to come off as a sexual reference)πŸ˜‚ OK, Let’s kick back, chill, and let all your hard-earned your gains drift away. 😲 Today we will be unboxing Aurora’s Drift – Peppermint chillers. Wait, what do you mean about my gains? Allow this meme to explain what’s been going on here recently:

Of course, the performance of this stock wasn’t always like it has been as of recent. I guess you could say that investing in $ACB is like sex… You just need to know when to pull out πŸ˜‚

Aurora took a plunge, losing over 10% after the news of their CEO Cam Battley was announced he would be drifting away. Details can be found here: 

Here is the product description of their peppermint chillers as per the Aurora website. Must give them credit where due here. Unlike some other LPs, this description is fairly detailed – at least compared to what others say or more like lack of, so kudos on that Aurora πŸ‘Β 

Note their website states it is a hybrid, but Cannabis NB has it listed as an Indica – perhaps this might require further digging. Maybe one of you can get back to us and let us all know… for now, let’s dive into the unboxing that you all desperately want to see 🀷

not an airtight seal
very hard to bite off – best sucked on 😳

What’s skinny?

  • Smell: Has a fairly potent peppermint smell to it. In fact, the smell is so strong, or the packing just sucks so much that the smell is emitted from the packaging – no denying this – very evident.
  • Taste: Very strong – but yes, it tastes just like peppermint. No, I cannot taste any cannabis at all. That may be mostly due to the overwhelming Peppermint taste, which leads me to say that this product is not really intended for an average person looking to consume more than one mint or 2.0mg per serving. Eating a whole chocolate bar or bag gummies is easy to conceive, but these mints would be best consumed here and there and not all at once – unless you are some kind of freak 😱
  • Packaging: Pretty standard in terms of expectations, but lacking that same level of appeal as the Tweed chocolate bar we looked at prior and thus making this see less ideal as a gift purely from a packaging point of view. Also, as mentioned above, the smell emits from the packaging.
  • Limited calories: Again, this is another great option for all you porkers looking to watch your waistline πŸ˜‚
  • Ingredients: I honestly don’t know WTF is in these things… Brilliant Blue FCF – really? What is that? No, I don’t care to Google it either. You go look it up yourself if you’re that interested 😜 

Effects: Well, I only took the one 2.0 mg mint – No desire to rot my guts out on god knows what; so only had the one mint microdose. No adverse side effects – that much I can say – so that is a win on that front 🀷

suppose these peppermints are great for people looking to consume in public and being super discreet about it.

Insider info:

It looks like the writing was on the wall in hindsight here. Just a few days ago insiders were dumping massive quantities of shares.

I don’t care about your stupid peppermints rhum – just show me the damn chart already ffs. OK, here is a general idea of what to look for from a technical perspective:

Disclaimer: I am not a certified comedian – please consult a comedian before having a laugh – same applies to any financial advice you might take away from my posts. If you can donate that would mean a lot to me and help to fuel me to keep going. Also, feel free to give me any feedback. Good, bad, or ugly. Thanks.

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