Royally High

I came across the highest THC stuff I have been able to find at my local cannabis shop and the THC content is higher than the higher range it suggests it comes in – bonus! Let’s just say it didn’t disappoint – we got royally high!

Managed to pick up some Good Supply – Royal Highness. This is produced by Aphria that trades under $APHA on the TSX and also the NYSE. Here is their description per their website:

And here is the description per Cannabis NB:

Here is what it looks like in the packaging, and then unboxed:

with flash on above


  • Visual: See above – Pretty vibrant green.
  • Smell: Pretty standard… am I allowed to say that 😂 perhaps a hint of fruitiness to it. Not too shabby for basic sheot.
  • Smooth? Yes, it was smooth.
  • Effects: Pretty damn lit, but not a sleepy indica as I was potentially fearing it would be. It does say it is more of a hybrid on the Cannabis NB site, however – it seems to be my experience. I managed to chill and play some games and some tunes with my little brother into the wee hours of the night 🎉

Well, enough of this unboxing already. Show me the chart ffs!
OK, here is my basic interpretation of what is happening on the weekly. It looks like the bears might be done with this prolonged downtrend. take a look and tell me what you think.

Disclaimer: I am not a certified comedian – please consult a comedian before having a laugh – same applies to any financial advice you might take away from my posts. If you can donate that would mean a lot to me and help to fuel me to keep going. Also, feel free to give me any feedback. Good, bad, or ugly. Thanks.

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