CBD can you help me?

Yes, Yes CBD can help me. How you ask? Simple. For me, it’s my home workouts. I can simply push until complete exhaustion without being too much a wuss about it. The keyword too much 🤪

Perhaps you are wondering all sorts of questions about CBD and will it do this or will it do that? Go ask Google. Hint: I’m not Google, but here let me get you started with a simple question:

I wanted to share with you the unboxing of some Affirma Clear Water that I picked up form Cannabis NB. This company is not publically listed so I have no chart to share with you on this. Here is the description per the website:

And here are you pics:

Above pictures were taken with flash off, here is one with the flash on:


  • Appearance: See above make your own damn conclusions – I thought it was fine though
  • Smell: somewhat mild to moderate with more of an earthy smell, but a bit more on the fruity side – not overly fruity though.
  • Smooth? Yes, it was rather smooth, not harsh at all on the vape.
  • Effects: I had a great workout. I wasn’t initially in the mood for one, but I managed to tie my overall maximum pull-ups I have set before – so no complaints there.

Just remember, if you try weed and you notice yourself being extra lazy, then you’re probably smoking the wrong stuff 😂

Disclaimer: I am not a certified comedian – please consult a comedian before having a laugh – same applies to any financial advice you might take away from my posts. If you can donate that would mean a lot to me and help to fuel me to keep going. Also, feel free to give me any feedback. Good, bad, or ugly. Thanks.

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