Up yours Hexo

Up Cannabis identifies themselves as a true leader in cannabis space; not that every other competitor says something like that too 🙄. However, from what I can tell this doesn’t seem to match my unboxing experience. Up Cannabis is one of Hexo Corp’s brands. Hexo trades under the ticker (you guessed it) HEXO on the TSX and HEXO on the NYSE. While the Cannabis says “Up” on the label, the chart (for the most part) has been saying Down since May.

Today we will be unboxing their strain called Moon. Here is their self described description per their website https://up.ca/pages/our-strains

Reason for my purchase: In pursuit of trying as many CBD strains as possible. I find them beneficial when working out and figured I would try this one as it used to be priced at a premium but has now gone down to a more competitive price. The packaging is also kind of cool – at least compared to others out there.

7.67% CBD

The pictures above tells some of the story – needless to say, I wasn’t overly impressed. I’ve never had this bad a batch of weed… ever! … Well, from an LP that is anyways. So assuming we don’t count my brother’s shitty home grow, then this goes down as the worst yet – at least visually.

However, despite it being drier than a mummies fart it should be noted it vapes rather smooth and isn’t harsh like some other lower-priced strains. The smell is rather tame but it’s not bad. As for the effects – it manages to work, but I have other preferred CBD strains.

Weekly $HEXO chart

As you can see from the $HEXO chart we have bounced off a crucial area of support, yet the recent downtrend is still not up (pun intended). Soon enough this chart will have to break one way or another…

What is interesting is that Hexo admits to unlicensed growing at Niagra facility – If we contrast this to CannTrust or Can’t Trust as it is jokingly referred to now, it kind of comes as a shock that the HEXO stock has not felt as much pain as the impact on the TRST chart suffered. Perhaps this was in part already priced in via the rumors the circulated before the official news?

However, in other recent news from HEXO, they are aiming at the black market by offering some of its cannabis at much lower prices than have been observed from other LP’s since legalization to combat the black market’s piece of the pie. How this unfolds is still up in the air, but many investors are rooting for them – rightfully so.

Disclaimer: I am not a certified comedian – please consult a comedian before having a laugh – same applies to any financial advice you might take away from my posts. If you care to donate that would be pretty cool though. Thanks.

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